Monday, August 8, 2022

How to get an online business off the ground

How to get an online business off the ground

You know that you want to get your business online but there's just so many pitfalls and so much information that it's hard to know where to stop let's break it into bite-size chunks. Anyone following recent business articles will know it's frequently written about. Online e-commerce,  generating leads, and internet marketing is big business. The biggest problem with internet business is the mindset that you arrived too late to market. So many people full down before they even had a chance to stand up. So many people choose to call me.  The first question is how do I get my online business off the ground without spending a fortune?  Inevitably my response is one of negativity because firstly it takes money to make money and secondly  instead of messaging me about what it takes to get a business off the ground. They haven’t taken 5 minutes to research the internet where they can find thousands of incredible resources. With that said I'm prepared to get a few nuggets today so let's look at the three most important parts of getting an online business off the ground : 1. Researching your business niche If you don't understand your target audience you don't have a business model, so the first and most important part of any business undertaking is the research into this audience. You must know who you’re selling to. You must understand what will make them tick and you must understand what will make them click on the shopping cart. As part of your research you need to make sure  that you are connecting with the right customers and finding people through the right channels, this can mean in the case of Google that the keywords that people to find any for organically or paid all the keywords that...

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