Sunday, August 7, 2022


How Google’s breaking the shackles and freeing up investigative jounalism

How Google’s breaking the shackles and freeing up investigative jounalism

Dickens World Reporter opens with a bang and says “Thank You Google” for not giving up the fight on free opinion news coverage. “We say goodbye to our old proverbial journalistic shackles and swear in a new time of honest publishing, not distorted or marred. We will bring you the media as it happens, how it happens, and without Chinese whispers”. This is the promise of Charlie Dickens Media, a new age magazine built on the foundations of trust and honesty. With a sprinkling of common decency and not too much capitalism we aim to bring you the very best in journalism for all your main interests. Journalism has been dyeing a slow death, a select group of rich individuals have created a conglomerate that owns 80 percent of almost all publication in the mainstream everyday market. This dominance, as successful as it is, leaves little room for broader opinion or perspective. “The lack of exposure of smaller agencies just trying to get the news out there” allows for a bias that should never exist in a modern, age” says Dickens World Reporter. If it wasn’t for Google News giving that little glimmer of hope that news on a local level can still be found and exposed, things would be very once side opinionated, call it brainwashing if you like. Whilst Google appears to offer the balance between allowing these authorities their news coverage, and rightly so, they are indeed the authority, they are very much in the business of nurturing smaller, up and coming media outlets. They’ve even setup an initiative to kick start investigate journalism again. Not many can say they put their money where their mouth is. If they keep the current course, then perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel for free information...

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