Monday, June 27, 2022

Going Green for Beginners: Re-Using Plastic Shopping Bags

Going Green for Beginners: Re-Using Plastic Shopping Bags

“It’s not easy being green,” Kermit the Frog once lamented. For many people, going green conjures up images of unsightly hybrid cars, recycled aluminium foil, cooler hot water, and darker light bulbs. However, being green does not necessarily require such inconvenient changes. Even the simplest efforts can reduce waste and save money. Start the journey toward eco friendly living by reusing plastic grocery bags. Granted, many stores now offer reusable totes. For those organised enough to remember them, they certainly reduce plastic waste. However, simply reusing the plastic shopping bags already reduces plastic waste. Here are some easy, non-intrusive ways to reuse plastic grocery bags. Reuse Plastic Bags for Small Trash Bags Nix the four gallon trash bags. Instead, opt for eco friendly living. Plastic grocery bags make ideal impromptu trash bags. They work great for cleaning out drawers, shelves and cabinets. Use them to line bathroom trash cans, desk trashes, or dorm room wastebaskets. They also make great car trash bags, particularly for long trips with kiddos. Reuse Plastic Bags for Pet Litter Rather than purchasing designated pet litter liner, cut a plastic bag to fit the litter pan. Keep in mind the odd shape may require using more than one. Also, many walking trails and parks offer convenient doggy stops with handy bags. Carry a plastic shopping bag to reduce the need for extra bags. Reuse Plastic Bags by Donating Them Charity-based resale stores do not usually have bags manufactured and printed. Like everything else, they rely on donations. Donating a box of shopping bags to a resale shop ensures the shopping bag at least one more life. Further, consider donating shopping bags to the local library. Avid readers and families with young children frequently leave with an armful of heavy and unwieldy books. Having shopping bags available...

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